Ambrosini Milano represents the Milanese entrepreneurial tradition of goldsmithing; its style and originality setting them apart from the crowd. The company reinterpreted the simple symbol of the ice lolly, ironically making something precious out of something everyday ordinary. The result is extraordinary jewellery that is wearable day to day. The line was a huge success for the Milan-based company and we were involved in studying the brand, the stationary and the website design.



AMBROSINI_schizzi_1200X801AMBROSINI_Schizzo_simbolo_1200X801AMBROSINI_Logo_1200X801 AMBROSINI_Gioiello_2_1200X801 AMBROSINI_gioiello_1200X801 AMBROSINI_Sito_1200X801 AMBROSINI_Irony_Logo_1200X801 AMBROSINI_IRONY_mac_1200X801AMBROSINI_IRONY_sitohp_1200X801